Adventist Health Glendale in the ICU Capstone example

What is Adventist Health Glendale in the ICU Capstone

Adventist Health Glendale, commonly referred to as AHGL, is a healthcare facility located in Glendale, California. In the context of an ICU Capstone, it likely refers to a clinical or educational setting where nursing students or healthcare professionals complete their capstone projects or gain hands-on experience in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Adventist Health Glendale.

ICU capstones often involve in-depth patient care, complex medical cases, and a focus on critical care nursing. Nursing students and professionals in these programs may work directly with ICU patients, apply their knowledge and skills in real-life healthcare scenarios, and often conduct research or projects related to critical care nursing as part of their capstone experience.

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Summary of the Capstone presentation Example

This is a summary of my Capstone presentation on the use of nurse-driven protocol in the prevention and reduction of CAUTI at Adventist Health Glendale in the ICU. The presentation is divided into three major parts, the introduction, Intervention, change theory, and barrier of the intervention. CAUTI is the most common type of healthcare-associated infection in the health care industry. The use of evidence-based practice such as nurse-driven protocol has proved to be a useful intervention in the reduction of CAUTI.

 This presentation is based off on a study at Adventist Health Glendale where the nurse-driven protocol will be implemented to create staff awareness on the proper put of indwelling catheters to prevent and reduce cases of CAUTI. Nurse-driven protocols are rubrics given to nurses to help them to make an autonomous decisions when practicing nursing.

The presentation focuses on Roger’s change theory which tries to explain on how change undergoes five major stages to take place, from the first stage of awareness, to interest stage, through the third and fourth stage of evaluation and implementation, and to the final stage of adoption. This change theory also focuses on using the five-personality test which shows how different people in an organization respond to change depending on which personality trait they belong to. Grouping staff using the Rogers five personality type help manager to create effective strategies that best suit each employee adapt to all stages of change and eventually accepting.

If the implementing nurse-driven protocol is effective, then nurses at Adventist Health Glendale who were not in support of the intervention at first will adopt the intervention after collaboration with the change theory. Another major part of the presentation will focus on the challenges that nursing managers and leaders might face when implementing the nurse-driven protocol.

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