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Therefore, many universities have embraced SAM Business Tools and SAM Classroom. SAM provides an interactive and engaging environment between tutors and students. However, students may find it challenging to finish SAM class and SAM projects due to other commitments. That is why it is advisable to outsource the best website to handle your online class.

What is a Cengage SAM Project?

SAM stands for Skills Assessment Manager, a web-based application for helping students become proficient in Microsoft Office concepts. Universities and colleges have integrated the CENGAGE SAM platform into their website to assess students’ understanding of various Microsoft Office versions. SAM is designed to teach learners:

  • How to use Windows operating system
  • How to use Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Access®, and Outlook®.
  • Foundational computer concepts such as file management, web browser, etc.

The SAM classroom provides virtual classes. The SAM project consists of tutorials, assignments, practices, mid-term exams, and final exams.

Cengage SAM Projects we can handle for you

Microsoft Word Project

Create a professional business report that includes formatting, headers and footers, tables, and advanced features like mail merge or track changes.

Microsoft Excel Project

Build a budget spreadsheet that calculates income, expenses, and savings, using formulas, functions, conditional formatting, and charts to visualize data.

Microsoft PowerPoint Project

Design a visually appealing and engaging presentation on a chosen topic, incorporating slide layouts, multimedia elements, animations, and transitions.

Microsoft Access Project

Develop a database for a small business, including tables, queries, forms, and reports, with a focus on data organization, retrieval, and manipulation.

Adobe Photoshop Project

Edit and enhance a series of images, applying various tools, filters, and techniques to achieve desired visual effects and manipulate graphics.

QuickBooks Project

Manage financial transactions for a simulated company, including invoicing, bill payments, bank reconciliation, and generating financial reports using QuickBooks software.

Training Assignments in SAM

SAM training engages students using various platforms to build their skills. It uses visual and interactive walkthroughs, which empowers students to observe, practice, and apply the learned in a simulated environment. The SAM platform provides an onscreen callout. Walk-through guided practice, access integrated guide, and use their skills unguided.

The system allows users to practice what they have learned with their keyboard and mouse. Additionally, the integrated guide provides pathways for Mac users.

Why Colleges and Universities are Encouraging using of Cengage Sam Platform

Many colleges have encouraged the use of SAM transforms for several reasons. First, it is the best platform with an interactive and engaging online learning environment. The concept behind the Cengage SAM course is to transform students into computer and Microsoft concept masters. Other than that Cengage SAM course helps you in:

Preparation for Real World

With the current demand for computer skills in business, students that have gone through the Cengage SAM course will be taught and examined on basic computer applications. Microsoft Office is designed to provide tools for small- and large-scale organizations. Applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft PowerPoint are some of the most used applications globally. However, they are ineffective when users do not have skills. That is where the Cengage SAM course comes in.

Training Toward Mastery

Cengage SAM online course trains students in computer tools. SAM courses engage students as they build computer skills. These interactive and visual walk-throughs encourage students to observe, practice, and apply learned skills in a simulated environment. Once the student goes through instructions, they can:

  • Observe skill using an onscreen and voiceover callout.
  • Walkthrough activities that involve the use of mouse and keyboard.
  • Apply skills learned through practicing in a simulated Microsoft Office and computing environment.
  • Access an integrated guide that provides pathways into Mac operating system.

Leverage on What was Learned

Cengage SAM platform empowers students to showcase what they have learned in the platform. SAM exam provides instructions and skills that have been discovered during the training. It allows students to leverage what they have learned to perform a higher-stakes assessment. Instructors are permitted to:

  • Use the exam playback feature to see which student took to get incorrect attempts.
  • Customize the exam by adjusting employability options, number of attempts, assignment contents, number of attempts, etc.

Seek Professional Assistance to Get Cengage Answers

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Project with Purpose

The Cengage SAM platform strives to provide hands-on projects to students. It understands that you need to build skills first, then help you apply them in a real-world setting. Students complete realistic projects live in the Office application. The skills help them prepare students for the future. Skills in computer applications are on-demand in the current business, education, finance, engineering, etc. Cengage SAM comes with features such as:

  • Auto-grading
  • New OS detection feature to differentiate between Windows and Mac users.
  • Commenting tools for student feedback.

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Excel Module 1-3 Lab Help

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Microsoft Excel Assignment Help- Cengage SAM Project Help

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Why Hire someone to do your Microsoft Excel Module 1-3 Lab?

First, Excel is not just for making tables. It can be used to do other complex tasks. It is extensively used to examine data, make prognosis predictions, do complex mathematical equations and data presentations in charts. Microsoft Excel lab assignments help students gain skills in data handling and analysis.

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  • Excel Functions
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