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The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) exam is an important exam for any nurse. It is a standardized test that determines whether a candidate is ready to become a licensed nurse. The NCLEX exam is administered by the National Counsil of State Boards of Nursing. Having said the importance of the exam, we cannot overemphasize having good grades. NCLEX Exam help service is dedicated to helping all nurses get certified.

Congratulations! You have just graduated from nursing school. Now that you have graduated, you are one step closer to becoming a registered nurse. At GPA Shark we understand that it was hard in nursing school. Passing the NCLEX-RN exam cannot hinder you from practicing nursing. That is why we are here to help. Here, you can get someone to take your NCLEX exam online.

Types of NCLEX Exams


The type of NCLEX exam you are required to take depend on the role you want to take as a nurse. NCLEX is taken for practice or vocational nurses. The LPNs/ LVNs are terms that are used interchangeably in different states. The NCLEX-PN is an entry-level of licensed nursing positions.  It can be taken as the candidate continues with education.


The RN stands for registered nurse. The exam is done by nurses who have greater responsibilities and more educated. As a nurse, you may take both exam as you advance in the field.

How to get NCLEX License

To take the NCLEX license, the candidate must first complete a nursing program. This means that the nurse must complete the nursing course from a certified college. Depending on the state, a minimum passing grade specified. Specific requirements for getting a NCLEX license include:

  1. Complete a nursing program from a certified medical school
  2. Apply for state board license
  3. Register for the NCLEX exam: NCLEX- RN or NCLEX-PN
  4. Take and pass the NCLEX exam
  5. Complete any state requirements and get licenses.

Why ‘Pay Someone to take my NCLEX Exam Online?’

Do you have a busy schedule that you cannot sit for your NCLEX exam? The NCLEX testing is available all year round, almost every day of the weak. Our NCLEX experts online are always ready to seat your exam. We give you the freedom of not worrying about failing.

The NCLEX is available online. When ready to apply for your nursing license, download the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin. The handbook comprises of a comprehensive tip that helps finish the exam. It includes contact information on test registration, exam rules and test results.

Registration to the NCLEX exam is done online. The Pearson VUE is computer based. It allows nurses to schedule time to take the test and eligibility verification. Candidates must register for the test either through the phone or online.

After registration, the candidate will wait for authorization to take the test. Eligible candidates will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) through the email. The confirmation email will comprise of scheduled date and time to take the test. If you need help doing your NCLEX tests, you can book our Nursing experts.

How is NCLEX Exam Graded?

Before looking at NCLEX exam grading, we need to understand its format. The NCLEX exam is done through a CAT format. Each exam is not identical. Computerized adaptive testing is applied using algorithms. Each question produced is based on level on performance from the last questions. The questions come in different styles and content.

The test produces a minimum of 75 questions and a max of 265 questions. To pass the exam, the candidate has to answer and pass most of the questions.  The pass mark for NCLEX is 95% confidence. By getting marks above the pass line, the candidate will have passed, and vice versa. Passing the exam demonstrates competency. The exam has an allowance of max 6 hours.

Why you Need NCLEX Exam Help

Many nurses have had to retake the NCLEX test. To many, the exam is not easy. It is designed to test the competency. The exam stands between you and having the license to practice nursing. By getting an expert to do your NCLEX exam, you are assured of passing on one go. We understand that you are busy with other things. Let us worry about passing the exam as you handle the things that matter to you.

How to Order NCLEX Exam Help Services

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inform us the exam time. For a successful exam, timing is important. Allow our experts to go through exam requirement. The best available expert will be assigned to handle the exam.


Payment is done before starting the exam. However, we provide a refund policy that favors both of us. A refund will be issued in case of failing the pass mark.

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