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Elimination method algebra test helper

Elimination method algebra test helper

Are you looking for someone to do your elimination method using algebra test? Algebra is an important topic in mathematics. It is a branch of mathematics that uses rules of multiplication and symbols. An algebraic equation uses Greek and Latin letters to represent quantities, without fixed values, also known as variables. In algebra, equations describe relationship between variables, just like the way sentences describe relationships between specific words. The relationship of the variables is shown in an algebraic equation. An algebraic equation is a mathematical sentence that shows the relationship between an algebraic expression with an (=) equal sign. For instance, 2x + 6 =1.

Methods of Solving an Algebraic Equation

An algebraic equation can be solved using three methods; graphical, substitution and elimination method. The graphical method of solving an algebraic equation involves graphing of the two equations. The solution of the equation is the intersection between the x,y coordinates.

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The substitution method of solving algebraic equation involves rearranging the x or y valuable when expressing on variable in terms of the other. After rearranging, the substitute is expressed in the other equation. For instance, solving an equation such as;

8x + 6y = 16,

The equation can be rearranged as,

-8x – 4y =-8

In that, the second equation to express x in terms of y as;


The equation can also be substituted the 1-0.5y for x in the equation:

Therefore, the equation can be expressed as:

8(1−0.5y) +6y=16





The y will the be replaced in the equation with 4 to find the value of x. Thus;





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Lastly, the elimination method is used when one valuable can be eliminated by either adding or subtracting from the two equations. If we use the two equations as examples, we can add them together to eliminate x. Therefore;



0+2y= 8


After solving for x, the value for y in either equation can be calculated as:







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