Help with My Word SAM Project 1-7-Cengage SAM Capstone

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What is Word SAM Capstone Project?

Cengage Capstone is a series of Microsoft Word tutorials, practices, and exams. It is a program that has gained popularity in many universities worldwide. Cengage SAM provides a platform for computer concept simulations. Learners walkthrough projects (SAM Project 1-7) to finish the course.

Microsoft Word is a computer application software used to process word documents. It is standard software in modern business, school, and industries to process a wide range of word documents. For example, you can use Microsoft Word software to create letters, resumes, flyers, reports, etc. MS Word also comes with publishing features that you can use to create newsletters, advertisements, and brochures. SAM Capstone has tutorials for making, formatting, and editing documents. However, many students find it hard to go through all the Word SAM Capstone projects. That is why they look for someone to do their Word Capstone Projects.

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Where do I Get Word Capstone Project 1-7 Help?

This is a question asked by many students. We have also gotten requests from many students to help them improve their grades. That is why we developed the Word Capstone Project Help service. Through this, we can help students in the USA, UK, Australia, and UAE complete their Word capstone projects. Word Module 1 SAM allows a maximum of 5 submissions and a passing score of 60 points. GPA Shark experts always ensure that you get more than 90%. In addition to helping you finish the Microsoft Word Capstone project SAM, we can work on the complete Office 2016 and Windows 10 SAM projects. Once you order SAM projects homework help from us, we assure you of receiving the best grades.

Word Module 1 Exam Help

Word SAM Module is the first module students have to go through in Word SAM capstone projects. It introduces learners to Microsoft Word. For example, word Module 1 SAM teaches and accessibility of the learner to create, format, and edit a word document with a picture.

Objectives of Microsoft Capstone Projects

By the end of capstone projects, the learners can:

  • To open and close Microsoft Word
  • Create, process, save and print a Word document.
  • Explain and use Microsoft Word ribbon tabs
  • Demonstrate and use ribbon, toolbar, and access toolbar.
  • Launch, dialog box, insert, format, crop, and resize.
  • Format text- change color, font, italics, bold, underline, align, etc.

By the end of Word Module 1-Module 7, the learner will have learned and practiced various activities.

Word Module 2 Exam Help- SAM Capstone Projects

Cengage SAM Capstone Module 2 helps learners to create a research paper. It mainly focuses on the references ribbon. The references ribbon is an essential feature in Microsoft used for adding sources in a word document. Cengage SAM project Module 2 homework help will help you finish the project. We assure you of getting more than 90 points. The module is complex for most students. It tests the ability of students to add references in various formats.

Help with Word SAM Module 2

By the end of the module, learners have to:

  • Be able to develop and format a short research paper using Microsoft Word
  • Change document margins and indentation
  • Insert references to a document
  • Edit citation in a document
  • Create a header for a document
  • Use thesaurus
  • Use the find and replace command to change documents
  • Enter document footnotes

How to Order for Cengage SAM Capstone Project

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