Nursing Leader interview

Nursing Leader inteview

Nursing Leader interview

The purpose of this assignment is to interview a nurse leader within a healthcare organization, to discuss the complex and unique challenges faced by nurse leaders today. During the interview, you will explore various leadership and management principles employed by the nurse leader, as well as explore the concepts, skills, and decision-making requirements needed to provide high-quality nursing leadership. 

Nursing Leader interview

Assignment Instructions:

Identify a RN nurse leader/manager within a healthcare organization serving as an immediate supervisor to nursing staff who would be willing to be interviewed regarding his/her experience. Arrange a meeting time with an interviewee (the interview may be in person, virtual, or over the phone). Note: If you are currently in a nurse leader position (manager, director, coordinator) you must interview another leader equal to or higher than your current role.

Research the organizational structure within which the interviewee works. Use these prompts to guide your research:

  • Where does your interviewee fit in the organizational structure or leadership hierarchy (does the reporting structure fall within or outside of nursing)?
  • What services are provided (outpatient clinic, inpatient services, etc)?
  • Is the organization a community hospital, research institution, private practice?
  • How many patients are served by the unit and organization annually?

Prepare a list of questions and conduct an interview of the nurse leader exploring the following topics:

  • Leadership pathway: academic and professional background. 
  • Leadership and management styles most often used in daily operations. 
  • Decision-making and shared governance approaches.
  • The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 
  • Common legal or ethical considerations faced by the leader. 
  • Role of the nurse leader in strategic planning at the unit and organizational level. 
  • Role of the nurse leader in promotion of a healthy work environment.
  • Clinical or Administrative challenges or issues faced by the leader in their area of work. 

Nursing Leader interview paper Help

Utilizing APA format, write a 3-4-page paper summarizing your research findings and what you learned from your interviewee. Title page, reference page, and appendix do not count towards the 3-4-page total. The report should be written in a professional academic manner that uses standard grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Please follow APA guidelines for citations of personal interviews. Outside sources are not necessary.

Send a follow-up email that briefly thanks the interviewee for his/her time and willingness to be interviewed. The email must be written in a professional manner, including your full contact information (address, phone, and e-mail).

Assignment Specifications: Below is a summary of the sections to include in your assignment submission:

Introduction: Summarize the academic and professional background (degrees, certifications, credentials, and title/position etc.) of your interviewee (names of the interviewee should not be included). Include a summary of the characteristics of the organization within which they work. 

Interview Content: Provide a detailed summary of the information the interviewee shared regarding the topics outlined above. Include a description of the type of leadership the interviewee exhibits with a rationale for your choice. 

Reflection: Provide a brief and concise reflection on at least two key takeaways from the interview. Reflect on how the interviewee’s responses may impact your practice as a leader. Summarize and reflect on your experience with the entire interview process. Note: Formal voice is not expected in this reflection component, and it is permissible to use personal pronouns (e.g., I or me) in your submission.

Appendix A: Attach the list of interview questions. 

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