Nursing Philosophy Paper Example-MLA

Nursing Philosophy

Nursing is a field in health care that is focused on caring for families, individuals, and communities to ensure they gain, maintain, and recover their optimal health and quality health. I chose nursing based on my beliefs and the desire to assist people in society. I have always been drawn to helping people in need. My main goal is to give quality and equal care to those in need regardless of their age, race, religion, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation.

            My values and skills as an individual are influenced by upbringing. I was raised in a strict household where qualities of honesty, kindness, family, persistence, security, and life-long learning were highly emphasized. My siblings and I have been groomed from a young age to be capable of handling life crises. I have employed these traits to influence my personal decisions in my daily life. I believe that these traits are vital in ensuring that I can deliver high-quality nursing care and achieve excellence in my patient’s outcomes.

            I intend to impact society through nursing by caring, ensuring integrity, and enhancing knowledge. I will focus on the patient needs, their healing, safety, and patient empowerment. Additionally, I intend on continuing to learn from journals, textbooks, and interactions with my colleagues and being involved in the experiences of patients and their families. I will use what I learn to enhance my skills and aptitude as a nurse.

            The skills, values, and traits that mean the most to me caring, integrity, and knowledge. Caring is vital since a nurse is expected to focus on their patient’s safety, needs, healing and empowerment. Having integrity in nursing is essential since it ensures that one is morally accountable and responsible for their actions and judgment. Being a nurse with moral integrity will ensure I act in a manner that is consistent with my understanding of what is the right thing to do. The traits are vital in ensuring that I can act as an advocate for my patients while establishing a balance in delivering patient care.