Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Modules 4-7: SAM Capstone Project 1a

 Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Modules 4-7: SAM Capstone Project 1a

 Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Modules 4-7: SAM Capstone Project 1a

Hankins Aerospace


  • Open the file SC_WD19_CS4-7a_FirstLastName_1.docx, available for download from the SAM website.
  • Save the file as SC_WD19_CS4-7a_FirstLastName_2.docx by changing the “1” to a “2”.
    • If you do not see the .docx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.
  • To complete this SAM Project, you will also need to download and save the following data files from the SAM website onto your computer:
    • Support_WD19_CS4-7a_Data.png
    • Support_WD19_CS4-7a_Founder.docx
    • Support_WD19_CS4-7a_List.docx
    • Support_WD19_CS4-7a_Table.docx
  • With the file SC_WD19_CS4-7a_FirstLastName_2.docx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the footer.
    • If the footer does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.
  • As an executive assistant at Hankins Aerospace in San Diego, California, you are drafting an annual report for the members of a management committee to review. The report begins with a personalized cover letter to shareholders.

    Change the margins and orientation of the document as follows:
    • Change the page orientation to Portrait to use the standard format for letters.
    • Change the top and bottom margins to .75″ to allow more space for content.
  • Use the content placeholders as follows to include standard information for a form letter:
    • Delete the COMPANY NAME content control because the letterhead already displays the company name.
    • Use the Date content control with the “CLICK TO SELECT A DATE” placeholder text to display JANUARY 17, 2022 as the date.
  • Apply the Basic (Stylish) style set to use the standard style set for Hankins Aerospace reports.
  • Create custom theme colors and fonts to apply to this report and other Hankins Aerospace reports as follows:
    • Create a customized set of theme colors named Hankins that uses Teal, Accent 4 as the Hyperlink color.
    • Create a customized set of theme fonts named HA Reports that uses Calibri Light as the heading font and Constantia as the body font.
  • Create a new paragraph style as follows to use for the inside address:
    • Create a paragraph style named Inside Address based on the “INSERT INSIDE ADDRESS” paragraph.
    • Change the Spacing After paragraph setting of the Inside Address style to 2 point.
    • Change the font color of the Inside Address style to Black, Text 1, Lighter 35%.
  • Save the new formatting settings as a custom theme, using Hankins as the name, so that you can use the theme with other company documents.
  • At the bottom of the letter, insert a hyperlink as follows:
    • Replace the text “[insert email address]” with the text to insert the company email address.
    • Format the text “” as a hyperlink that links to the email address.
    • Add the ScreenTip Hankins general email address to the hyperlink.
  • To set up the document as a form letter, start the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard, accept Letters as the document type, and then choose to use the current document as the starting document. Choose to create a new recipient list, and then customize the columns in the recipient list as follows:
    • Customize the columns by deleting the Country or Region, Home Phone, Work Phone, and E-mail Address fields.
    • Rename the ZIP Code field using Postal Code as the new field name.
    • Add a new field to the end of the address list using Year as the field name. 
  • Enter the address information for the two recipients as shown in Table 1, and then save the data source using a name of your choice.

*    Table 1: Recipient Addresses

FieldRecord 1Record 2
First NameKarenMark
Last NameHongRoby
Company NameBlair GroupAJ Global
Address 1232 Ford Drive58 Pacific Highway
Address 2 Suite 500
CitySan DiegoSeattle
Postal Code9211298111
  1. Continue to Step 4 in the Mail Merge Wizard, and then insert the inside address as follows:
    1. Select the placeholder text “INSERT INSIDE ADDRESS”, and then insert an AddressBlock merge field using the Mr. Joshua Randall Jr. format.
    1. Delete the placeholder text.
  2. Insert the greeting line as follows:
    1. Select the placeholder text “INSERT GREETING LINE”, and then insert a GreetingLine merge field using the Dear Mr. Randall, format.
    1. Delete the placeholder text.
  3. In the last paragraph in the body of the letter, select the “[YEAR]” placeholder text, and then insert the “Year” merge field to include the year the recipient became a shareholder.
  4. To include personalized text, add an IF field as follows:
    1. At the end of the second body paragraph (“We remain committed…world around us.”), insert an If…Then…Else rule.
    1. Compare whether the City field is equal to San Diego as the condition.
    1. Insert the following sentence if the condition is true:
      We want to help San Diego continue to provide excellent support to businesses.
    1. Leave the false condition option blank so that Word does not insert text if the City is not San Diego.
  5. Continue to Step 5 of the Mail Merge wizard, and then edit the recipient list to filter the data records to select only recipients where the Year field is equal to 2015 to prepare the first batch of letters for the most long-term shareholders.
  6. Complete the mail merge as follows in the lettered steps below. You will merge to a new document and then copy a page of the merged file to your original document, so that all of your assignment appears in the same file.
    1. Continue to Step 6 of the Mail Merge wizard, and then merge all records to a new document.
    1. In the new document containing the merged form letters, copy the contents of page 1, beginning with the blank paragraph at the top of the page and ending with the paragraph “enc.”
    1. In the original form letter document, move the insertion point to the blank paragraph at the top of page 2, and then paste the merged form letter into the main document.
    1. Verify that the pasted merged form letter appears only on page 2 of the original form letter document.
    1. Turn off the preview of the mail merge results, and close the new, merged document without saving it.
  7. On page 3, crop the yellow rectangle from the picture at the top of the page.
  8. Expand the character spacing of the heading paragraph “Strategic Growth and Advanced Technology” by 1.2 point to call attention to the heading.
  9. Format text in columns as follows:
    1. Insert a Continuous section break at the beginning of the first body paragraph on page 3 (“The market strategy…than ever before.”) to prepare for setting the section text into columns.
    1. On page 4, insert a Continuous section break in the blank paragraph above the picture to mark the end of the section.
    1. Format the new section beginning “The market strategy…” and ending “…retailers every day.” into two columns.
    1. Insert a line between the columns.
  10. Add a drop cap as follows to include a professional typeface element:
    1. Format the first letter in the column text (the “T” in “The”) as a Dropped drop cap.
    1. Change the font color of the drop cap to Dark Red, Accent 1, Darker 25%.
  11. Format the bulleted list in column 2 as follows to make the list more logical and attractive:
    1. Demote the two bulleted items after the “Landing Gear” item (“Axle beams” and “Main cylinders”) by one level.
    1. Change the color of the bullets for the five first-level bulleted items (“Structural”, “Landing Gear”, “Engine”, “Interior”, and “Systems Control”) to Dark Red, Accent 1.
  12. Call attention to a quotation from the company founder by inserting a text box as follows:
    1. Near the top of column 2, insert the Ion Quote (Dark) text box.
    1. Insert the text as an object from the file Support_WD19_CS4-7a_Founder.docx without copying and pasting the text.
    1. Delete the blank paragraph and the “[Cite your source here.]” paragraph.
    1. Resize the text box to a height of 1.2″ and a width of 2.9″.
    1. Set the text box to an absolute horizontal position of 3.5″ to the right of the Margin, and an absolute vertical position of 6.9″ below the Margin to position it on the page.
  13. On page 4, change the design and format of the first “Financial Highlights” table as follows to make the table more attractive and easier to interpret:
    1. Split the cell containing the text “2021 2020” into 2 columns and 1 row.
    1. Merge cells A2 through A8 (the cell containing the text “Dollar amounts in millions” and the six cells below it).
    1. Shade row 1 (the header row) using Brown, Accent 2.
    1. Set the top and bottom cell margins to 0.02 for all cells in the table.
    1. Change the direction of the “Dollar amounts in millions” text so that it reads from bottom to top.
    1. Change the width of the merged cell to 0.5″.
    1. Resize column D (the “2020” column) using AutoFit.
  14. Insert and format a table in the “Net Sales (Millions) – Past Five Years” section as follows:
    1. Sort the seven paragraphs in the “Net Sales (Millions) – Past Five Years” section in ascending order.
    1. Convert the seven paragraphs into a table using tabs to separate the columns and a fixed column width.
    1. Move row 7 in the table so that it becomes row 1 and provides headings for each column in the table.
    1. Apply the Grid Table 2 – Accent 2 table style and shade the header row using Brown, Accent 2 to match the formatting of the “Financial Highlights” table.
    1. Remove the First Column special formatting to follow the design of the “Financial Highlights” table.
    1. Change the height of all rows to 0.25″. Change the width of column B to 1.65″.
    1. Insert a new row at the end of the table and type Total in the first cell of the new row.
    1. In the second cell of the new row, insert a formula that sums the values above the cell.
  15. In the “Capital Allocation” section, insert a table of capital allocations as follows that Hankins Aerospace uses in many documents:
    1. Save the table in the file Support_WD19_CS4-7a_Table.docx as a Quick Part using Cap as the name of the Quick Part.
    1. Select the paragraph “[insert table here]” and then insert the Cap Quick Part to include the table in the report.
  16. In the “Notable Numbers” section, insert a bulleted list as follows to include statistics in the report:
    1. Copy the bulleted list in the file Support_WD19_CS4-7a_List.docx.
    1. Select the paragraph “[insert list here]” and then keep source formatting as you paste the bulleted list in the report.
  17. On page 5, complete and modify the SmartArt as follows to make it more useful:
    1. Change the text wrapping of the SmartArt to Top and Bottom.
    1. Change the layout to Captioned Pictures to emphasize the pictures.
    1. Change the width of the SmartArt to 6″ to increase its size.
    1. Insert the picture Support_WD19_CS4-7a_Data.png in the picture placeholder for the “Analyze data” shape.
  18. Format the shaded paragraph at the end of the document as follows to set it apart from the rest of the document:
    1. Change the indentation of the paragraph to a 0.5″ Left Indent and a 0.5″ Right Indent.
    1. Format the bold text “Hankins Aerospace, Inc.” in Small caps to distinguish it from the other text in the paragraph.
  19. At the bottom of the page, rotate the Hankins Aerospace logo to the right so that the “H” is oriented correctly.
  20. Insert a Confidential 1 watermark to emphasize that the document information is confidential.

Your document should look like the Final Figure on the following pages. Note: When opening your file or the Graded Summary report for this Project, you may be prompted to Select From “Office Address List”. Select No in the dialog box to view your report. Save your changes, close the document, and then exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

*        Final Figure

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